Porcelain Tiles



Porcelain tiles are characterized by high durability, resistance to mechanical damage and the effects of chemicals, low water absorption and low porosity, which also results in their frost resistance. These tiles are the hardest and most abrasion resistant, so you can also use them for finishing outdoor floors and areas with high levels of traffic..

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Mosaic Tiles



They used to be a synonym of luxury, and were found in bathrooms and kitchens of the richest. Today, mosaics are available at more attractive prices. The greatest advantage of mosaics is, of course, their visual qualities. Various shapes, colors and materials from which the mosaics are made can give a unique character and beauty to any room.

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Porcelain pavers are the perfect choice for arranging the space around the house or places of leisure (parks, swimming areas, beaches). The design of these tiles, inspired by natural materials such as stone, wood and concrete, perfectly corresponds with the external surroundings, harmoniously blending into the landscape..

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Get the right bond strength for your projects with premium quality tile adhesives. The NY Prestige Tiles carries tile adhesives and tile mortar in a variety of formulas that offer increased bond strength for tile installation projects with ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, glass, metal and natural stone tiles on walls or floors.

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New York Tile Store

NY Prestige Tiles Corp is the one-stop-shop for all things tiles. We have a warehouse space where we stock European tiles in hundreds of styles and colors in many different finishes, textures and designs. We carry a wide variety of backsplash tile and wall and floor tile selections, including porcelain and ceramic tile, glass tile, mosaics, slate tile, and marble tiles, so you can find a surface that's right for your home and budget. While the specific materials and design selections always fall to the customer, we gladly help to assist in choosing the right option that suits your specific needs. Choosing tiles is a real challenge. The variety and huge selection of tiles available at our warehouse may be overwhelming. However, it also has a good side – the multitude of materials, patterns and shapes allow you to create an original design that matches your vision and creates a breathtaking interior.

Exclusive Tiles Selection

Our tiles portfolio is inspired by the wood figure, minimalist surface, the beauty of natural stone, or stylish marble. NY Prestige Tiles products can make your dreams about the outstanding, unique composition come true. A range of designs, a variety of colors, and a huge range of multi-formats enable you to accomplish your boldest architectural visions with whole freedom.


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About Us

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom this year? If so, you owe it to yourself to find a tile store with a fabulous selection of products imported from Europe at reasonable prices.
At NY Prestige Tiles, we are much more than just a tile store in New York. We're artists – and your space just happens to be our canvas. Whether you’re looking for ceramic, slate or marble tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, our team is always on hand to support you. Our company offers only premium European tile products suitable for all customers who want to make their home picture-perfect.